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Hana no aru Seikatsu extras
EXTRAS: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9z7xhrlfsdyglzo

Hey guys here are the extras from Hana no aru Seikatsu.

There were some author's notes and things too but I decided not to translate them.  Mainly because Monchi-sensei's handwriting is so ghastly that it just takes too long.  Actually, it could be normal handwriting for all I know, but it's just really hard for a native english speaker like me to decipher.  I want to bang my head on a wall every time I see her sun radical--she does it in one stroke (supposed to be four).

I'm happy to announce that my next project will PROBABLY be Ja Ja Uma Narashi, another vintage Monchi title.  It's similar in tone to Hana no aru Seikatsu, except with two pervy senpai, and it's two volumes.  Here you can check it out: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=20392

Hana no aru Seikatsu c4
CHAPTER 4: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6m4hswk9elrdb8n

This is the last full chapter of the main story.  There are also 4 omake pages yet to do which I will also release soon.  Also, there were a couple of pages of joke material between chapters 3 and 4 that I had mistakenly grouped with chapter 4 that were really meant to go with chapter 3, I think.  So if you want to read those 2 pages, go and re-download chapter 3 from the link in my last post.

Hana no aru Seikatsu c3
CHAPTER 3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3xtos133obeb6ra (fixed with 2 extra pages at the end)

I like this chapter a lot.  I wish there wasn't so much nuance lost in the translation.  I can't really translate how Iyokawa always uses polite speech and Kurahashi-senpai uses plain.  Oftentimes you can't tell who's speaking in the english version because you can't translate the politeness levels.  Maybe I should give them different fonts or something.  But, well, I tried.  :)

I think the best thing anyone can do who wants to read manga is learn Japanese.  I know it seem daunting, but when it's just words on a page you can work through it slowly and there are lots of good, free resources online.  Then you'll never be beholden to publishers or scanlation groups or anyone.

Also, what would you guys think about me re-scanlating "Aseru" and "Misshitsu"?  I was comparing the Peccatore Sanctuary scanlations to the raw scans I have.  There are a few panels that Monchi-sensei redrew.  Also I can't seem to find the original releases anywhere, just the resized/JPG-ed manga reader versions.  So it would be nice to make a little higher-quality version available again.  I'm also curious whether sensei changed any of the text.  Would you all enjoy that or should I just do something else?  Leave me a comment if you do want it.  But there's one last chapter of this silly senpai x kouhai story first.

some thoughts and progress report
Hey guys, thanks for all the encouragement and comments and what not.

I think I may have flown a bit off the handle last time regarding scanlation groups' rules, so I want to clarify that a bit.  I certainly didn't mean to imply that I or anyone should disregard scanlators' policies.  I don't disobey them and I don't think anyone else should.  I only meant that those policies sometimes seem engineered not so much to protect their legal standing as to promote the group's standing within our community.  As to closed groups, I do get that they want to protect themselves, but in doing so they've abandoned the goal of promoting the author's works and the genre in general, which makes me sad.  And sometimes these things seem, at least from an outside perspective, as much motivated by bitterness and anger over their lack of control of the works as by legal concerns, which, if true, and that's only an if, is pretty hypocritical.  Why not reform under a different name and scanlate some unlicensed stuff.  Well, maybe there's some reason I just don't understand.

Another thing I don't really get is the animosity people seem to feel towards sites like mangafox and mangatraders, etc.  Seems like this is mainly based on the fact that these sites are making money from ads and whatnot.  We all know that it's unnecessary to get scanlated manga from sites like this; we can go to the scanlators pages instead.  So why do people go to these reader sites?  Well, I think it's because they provide a valuable service.  Not just putting all the manga in one place, but having complex search tools and fast load times are very convenient.  If people didn't value this service, it would be impossible for these sites to make money.  Are they doing something unethical by profiting off other people's work without permission?  Of course they are.  But the reality is that they have found a market niche that the publishing companies have been too slow to fill.  Hopefully by calling attention to the fact that money can be made from online manga, someday we will be able to legally access manga online in the same way that TV and music and so on can now be streamed online legally.

Anyway, I have chapter 3 of Hana no aru Seikatsu translated and cleaned and I've started typesetting it.  I'll probably have it up tomorrow, or maybe today if I don't find something better to do.  I'll be going pretty fast these next two weeks, but then school starts again, and I'm a grad student majoring in math so that's pretty intense and I'll have to slow down.

Hana no aru Seikatsu c2
I know you're here to see the sexy boys, not my rambling so here it is:

CHAPTER 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6bc4cx5xrvs5yz3

Now for the ramble.

DAMN, you guys are fast!  I had only just posted the first entry on this journal and 48 hours later I have 220 comments and 80 people friended me.  How the heck did you all find me?  Baka Updates, I guess.  I only made a journal in the first place because they wouldn't approve a group without a webpage.  And you guys already updated the info there.  Thanks for saving me the work.  Yaoi fans, go go!  Anyway, that inspired me to edit this chapter extra fast.  Although it's a short one so it wasn't too much work.  On the last page you should understand the central motif of the story and why the title is what it is.

Apparently there are a lot of Monchi-sensei fans out there!  She definitely makes me drool.  Also she has some pretty twisted and dark ideas, which I personally enjoy a lot.  A few people mentioned some strong memories of "Aseru" and "Misshitsu".  By the way, if you guys want those stories, you can still read them on lots of manga reading sites.  I can't seem to find the original releases anywhere.  But just google them.  I noticed when I was looking for them that at least one seems to have been scanlated from the magazine publication, not the tankoubon.  So I'm going to look carefully and see if what I have is any different.  Sometimes manga-ka redraw things that looked shitty in the magazine.

By the ways, guys, do you realize how crappy manga looks on those reader sites like mangafox?  I like having it all aggregated in one place, but it's annoying to see all the pictures shrunken and reformatted to JPG, which adds visual artifacts to my lovely lossless PNG.  Blech.  Mangatraders is a nice compromise because you can download the original releases.

After I finish Hana no aru Seikatsu, I don't know what I'll work on next, so if you guys have any requests for something that scans exist for somewhere that I can get hold of (e.g. Nihonomaru), I'll definitely consider it.  Well, leave me your thoughts if you feel like it.

Hana no aru Seikatsu
Here's the first chapter of another MONCHI Kaori title.  I tentatively translated the title as "A Flower's Life".  The first four chaps are one story about an airhead and his senpai who sexually harasses him constantly.  Then the volume includes the two-shot "Aseru" and "Misshitsu" which were released as one-shots a long time ago by Peccatore Sanctuary.  Those are a couple of my all time favorite yaoi.  And the last story is a sequel to some other story from another tanko which I have and might translate.

I love the way her characters eyes look.  Very sexy.  These scans are decent and my translations are getting better I think.  Here's the cover as well.  And the link to the first chap.  I have already translated more but it takes a long time to edit everything, esp. sound effects which are so important to making it look good.

hana no aru seikatsu cover small

CHAPTER 1: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zy2iiw1sump995y

Deja-vu (MONCHI Kaori) chapter 1-2
She is one of my favorite manga-ka.  I already released this on MF and MT also.  The scans are terrible and the translations are too.  Haha.  It's from about 2000 but she redid the cover for a rereleased around 2009.  Here it is.  And links for the first two chapters.  I probably won't translate any more.  Depends on what other projects I find to work on.  Links below are fixed.

cover (new)

CHAPTER 1: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tte8zd4nbfpx80c
CHAPTER 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mq191cnagoteua1

I will be using this page to share scanlated, unlicensed yaoi manga with friends.  I think it is hypocritical to try to restrict the distribution of such scanlations, so feel free to do as you like with these, within the limits of the law.  My motto is "slapping shitty translations on shittier scans".  I am a poor grad student, so I can't buy imported manga and scan it.  I rely on finding scans that others have done online, and these are often of a poor quality.  I also am not a native Japanese speaker nor have I lived in Japan.  I studied Japanese briefly in college and have studied extensively with textbooks on my own.  I rely on dictionaries and textbooks to do my translations.  In other words, there may be errors.
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